Dartmoor Enduro Team Rider - Olaf Odziomek




Please, welcome on board Olaf Odziomek! A top gun on the Polish enduro scene, a young talented, and very determined coach, and a certificated physiotherapist. As from the last season, a tenacious fighter of our Dartmoor Enduro Team.  

His passion for two-wheelers and enormous potential was sparked by a motocross adventure in 2013 and lasted for several years. With this experience, Olaf embarked on the enduro power's dark side and started his promising career in racing. This life-changing decision permanently moved him to the mountains as Olaf tasted what van life means. Instead of racing life, Olaf works with aspiring teenagers and daily trains them for upcoming Enduro/DH competitions - both on the trails and at the gym. 

Olaf has been racing for 4 seasons and has already placed 7th overall in the 2019 Elite Race, and 8th in the 2020 DH Championships, which he has already completely smashed out a year later, taking and improving his personal best and placing 2nd overall. Literally each season Olaf gets better and faster and this year he will be fighting for the best places in Enduro competitions.




Thunderbird CF frame with Öhlins suspension 


open in ENDURO Trutnov Trail, Czech Republic


open in EWS-100 Val Di Fassa Trentino, Italy


in Hobby full cateogry, Polish Downhill Championships, Czarna Góra, Poland


in Race M21-39 category, Enduro Trails EWS Gold Qualifier Bielsko-Biała, Poland


in Elite category, Enduro Trutnov Trails, Czech Republic


in Race Elite category, Trek Enduro Race Zadov, Czech Republic


in Race Elite category, Nutrend Enduro Race Kouty nad Desnou, Czech Republic


in Elite category, Polish Downhill Championships Czarna Góra, Poland


in Elite category, Ceska Enduro Series, Czech Republic

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