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Meet one of the biggest freaks on our team! Oskar Macuk is a really crazy dude from the north side of Poland, living close to the seaside with his own bike park in the backyard - Macuk Yard.

Oskar is a rider with over 10 years of experience, working with the Dartmoor-Bikes brand since 2013. Oskar made his first steps into the dirt world as a teenager with huge potential, when since 2012, he has actively participated with his crazy energy in one of the biggest polish gravity projects - Dirt It More. That's how it all got started and lasts till now.

Well known as a big jumps lover, young talents gravity biking trainer, YouTuber, and certificated physiotherapist - also a personal trainer and a nutrition helper. During his career, Oskar has taken part in the biggest national and world gravity contests like FMB World Tours, but now mainly deals with creating the biggest freestyle bike shows like Masters of Dirt Tour, Sound of Gravity, and his own one - Oskar Macuk Bike Show.

His life's passion turned out to be coaching the youngest riders and organizing summer bike camps, where Oskar shares his long-time passion, skills, and tricks with kids and teenagers as they improve gravity riding skills (but not only!) with lots of fun!  His bold approach to riding, big mouth, funny videos, and unwavering motivation led Oskar to a place where he became an idol of young riders from all over Poland.  

In the meantime, Macuk prepares cyclists, motorcyclists, and athletes of various disciplines at the gym for the upcoming racing seasons, where he permanently works as a physiotherapist and a personal trainer. Due to the lack of proper dirt training infrastructure in the neighborhood - in 2018 Oskar built a Macukyard - his own bike park in the backyard, where he daily trains and provides bike training for all young riders from the city. 



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